Off Leash Dog Academy

Where Dogs are Free to Roam




Off Leash offers a wide range of customized training plans for each individual dog including, private and group classes, boot camp training, and chauffeur services. Pricing may vary based on your dog's current level of skill, and the desired classes and goals.

Off Leash owner, Dawn Snyder, has specialized in obedience and behavioral training for over 30 years, holding certified credentials in both training and behavioral with multiple organizations. Although her focus has mainly been in Georgia and Virginia, she has trained, transferred and served dogs from California to Paris and beyond! She has experienced a 100% success rate within her Doggy Boot-Camp Program.


Call today for a free 30-minute phone consultation or to set up an evaluation appointment to discuss your dog's needs. If you are looking for a friendly local, experienced group of dog lovers, you have come to the right place!

Off Leash Dog Academy offers:

  • Services

    • Private and Group Classes​

      • Beginner ​

      • Intermediate

      • Advanced

      • 100% Off Leash

    • Evaluations

    • Behavior Questionnaire

    • Boarding 

    • Chauffeur Services

    • Dog Walking & Hiking 

    • Dog Swimming

  • Training

    • Domestic Dog: Adult & Puppy

    • Service Dog 

    • Remote (by Certified Instructor)

    • Potty and Crate

    • Trick 

  • ​Behavior​

    • Aggression​

    • Trauma 

    • Anxiety, Panic, Compulsion

    • Fear and Phobias

  • Wolves

    • Wolves and Wolf Hybrids

    • Model Regulations

    • Requirements

    • Biodiversity

     We ask all new members of the academy to complete a temperament evaluation. This evaluation assures that your dog is always playing with the best.



Hi friends! I'm Dawn Snyder, the dog behavioral expert and owner here at Off Leash Dog Academy.


I look forward to working with you and your four-legged companions. Together we can make your home a balanced pack.


Email: offleashllc@gmail.com
Tel:  404-931-8612